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A.J. Jenkins' Signing Completes 49ers 2012 Draft Class

The San Francisco 49ers are done with the contracts for their rookie class. The team announced on Wednesday that 1st round pick A.J. Jenkins agreed to a four-year contract. The deal is worth slightly less than $7 million over four years.

Jenkins's signing completes the 49ers draft pick signings, which is a lot earlier than last year. In 2011 the 49ers didn't sign their 1st round pick, Aldon Smith, until July 28. The previous six 49ers draft picks have been signed for weeks and Jenkins, the highest remaining pick, completes the 2012 class.

Jenkins has had a slow start to his NFL career with some ups and downs at the 49ers offseason program. But he has the opportunity to turn it on at training camp next month.

The latest depth chart prediction from SB Nation's Niners Nation has Jenkins low on the receiver depth chart.

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