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Texans Free Agency: Mario Williams Deal Is Possible

The Houston Texans had their most successful season in franchise history in 2011, despite being plagued by injuries and setbacks. They'll hope to improve the team for 2012 and will start by making decisions regarding their impending free agents. One of their key players set to enter free agency on March 13 is linebacker Mario Williams.

In a live blog on Tuesday, John McClain of Ultimate Texans had this to say about Williams:

General manager Rick Smith and vice president of football administration Chris Olsen are working to create cap space to make him an offer before March 13 that will at least make it hard for him to turn them down and hit the open market.

They will make Mario an offer they hope he takes, but if he hits the market, others with more cap room will be able to offer him more. We'll see how important money is to him. Almost every time, the player takes the money, and you can't blame them.

McClain considers Williams to be a top priority for the Texans in the offseason. The team will certainly make him an offer, but will likely not be able to break the bank in order to retain his services.

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