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Titans Preparing For Peyton Manning Visit, According To Report

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Over the weekend, Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams said publicly that he wanted the team to pursue free agent Peyton Manning. Adams saying it was one thing but that actually happening was another. Despite Adams' public plea, most of the talk over the weekend centered around the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals, who both received a visit from Manning.

But now, according to NFL Network's Michael Lombardi, Tennessee officials are preparing for a visit from Manning in the next day or two. This runs contradictory to earlier reports that Manning wasn't going to make any more visits. It's unclear if the Titans are hoping Manning visits, or if this is something that's already been scheduled.

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The Titans make some sense for Manning (as do most teams). They're in the AFC South, same as the Colts. Add in the fact that Manning went to college at the University of Tennessee, and there are some connections that make the Titans an intriguing possibility.

But they also have Matt Hasselbeck on the roster and spent a first-round pick on Jake Locker last April. Still, as Adams said over the weekend, when one of the greatest quarterbacks ever is available, you need to consider making a run at him, despite what you currently have on the roster.

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