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Chargers Free Agency 2012: Vincent Jackson Finally Testing The Market

Like the rest of the AFC West, the Chargers finished with an 8-8 record but missed out on the playoffs. Quarterback Philip Rivers struggled through much of the season and the defense didn't help much either. The Chargers, who used to dominate the division, are letting the other teams catch up and if they don't make the right moves, they could fall behind.

The biggest name player that is likely to leave San Diego is wide receiver Vincent Jackson. If Jackson leaves, Rivers will be down a really great wide receiver and it won't help the team at all, but it seems that it's going to happen anyway. Other free agents that could be leaving the Chargers are running back Mike Tolbert and wide receiver Patrick Crayton.

The Chargers have some money to throw around and one player they may go after is defensive end Mario Williams, who could immediately shore up the defense. If Jackson leaves, the Chargers will likely look at other wide receiver options like Mario Manningham, Reggie Wayne or Pierre Garcon to replace him. Also, the Chargers may benefit from finding some help in the secondary. Brandon Carr and Cortland Finnegan could be good additions. The Chargers may want to find some depth on the offensive line.

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