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Peyton Manning's Titans Visit Comes On Wednesday

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The Tennessee Titans will take their shot at free agent Peyton Manning on Wednesday. According to multiple reports, Manning and the Titans will meet on Wednesday.

ESPN reports Manning has not eliminated any teams he has met with. He visited the Broncos in Denver and the Cardinals in Arizona. He also met with Dolphins coach Joe Philbin.

Owner Bud Adams has already come out and said he wants his team to sign Manning. The Titans should know quite a bit about the former Colts QB as they faced him twice a year in the AFC South.

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The Titans have Matt Hasselbeck and 2011 first round pick Jake Locker on the roster. Presumably a Manning signing would mean the end of Hasselbeck and Locker would stay on to develop behind him.

If Chris Johnson can return to form, the Titans could be a nice landing spot for Manning. They also have Kenny Britt, who is a solid (but often in trouble) wide receiver.

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