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Free Agent Alex Smith Looking At Dolphins; 49ers Still An Option

For weeks we've thought free agent QB Alex Smith re-joining the San Francisco 49ers was only a formality. Reportedly, the 49ers had offered Smith a three-year contract that averaged $8 million per year.

But that was before the 49ers interest in Peyton Manning became known.

Now Smith is starting to look at his options.

Reports have Smith visiting the Miami Dolphins, who missed out on both Manning and Matt Flynn. Smith is one of the top free agent quarterbacks available at the moment but, according to the Miami Herald, Smith has made it clear to the Dolphins that he will only sign with them if Manning signs with San Francisco.

That's right, even the jilted 49ers quarterback would prefer to return to the team that jilted him over the Dolphins organization that on Sunday tried to recruit him to Miami. Smith's camp has made this clear to the Dolphins.

It's unclear where the 49ers stand in the Manning sweepstakes, but if San Francisco doesn't get him and Smith returns to his former team, the Dolphins will be in some serious quarterback trouble.

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