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Tim Tebow Trade Is Coming After Peyton Manning Picks Broncos, According To Report

The long wait is over and Peyton Manning has finally made his decision, signing with the Denver Broncos. With Manning now in place, this now means that the Broncos will attempt to move quarterback Tim Tebow, according to a report by Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The question becomes: what teams will be interested in Tim Tebow? The easy answer is the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the same front office that was not interested in him in the draft is still in place, drafted Blaine Gabbert a year ago and just signed Chad Henne to be the backup. The Miami Dolphins are another possible destination, as they've been left at the alter now multiple times, and owner Stephen Ross wants to make a splash.

The other question is, what is Tebow's trade value? It's obvious now that the Broncos are going to try to unload Tebow and will want to recoup some of the value they gave up getting him, which was a first round pick. It's highly unlikely a team who looks desperate to trade him will get back any kind of significant value.

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