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Titans Issue Statement On Losing Peyton Manning Sweepstakes

The Tennessee Titans were one of three known finalists for Peyton Manning's services, but in the end Manning chose the Denver Broncos. The two sides will start negotiating a contract, but Manning is expected to be Denver's next starting quarterback.

This creates a potentially awkward situation for the teams that were in on Manning but didn't get him, like the Titans. Tennessee owner Bud Adams issued a statement shortly after the Manning-to-Denver news broke.
"I want to thank the whole organization for their efforts in trying to sign Peyton and also to Peyton for the time he put into the process. Peyton called me this morning to inform me of his decision and obviously I am disappointed, because I thought we would be a perfect fit. Now that we move forward, I want our fans to know that our expectations haven't changed - winning a championship is still the goal. I like our quarterback situation moving forward and we will continue to build the team through free agency and the draft with that goal in mind. I also want to commend Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker. They were thrown into a very difficult situation. Matt was very good for us last year; and at some point, we expect Jake to be our future franchise quarterback."
Can't be easy to be seemingly so close to landing one of the greatest free agents in NFL history -- and losing out.

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