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After Peyton Manning, Broncos Super Bowl Odds Are On The Rise

This should be obvious but the Vegas odds say the Denver Broncos have a much better shot of winning the 2013 Super Bowl with Peyton Manning under center rather than Tim Tebow. Considering Manning has been to two Super Bowls and will one day be enshrined in Canton, this shouldn't be surprising news. We already knew they would be instant contenders.

R.J. Bell of passes along word that the Broncos were originally 25:1 odds to land Manning. Their Super Bowl odds before acquiring Manning were even more of a longshot -- 70:1.

After landing Manning, though, has the Broncos at 10:1 odds to win the next Super Bowl.

The only teams with better Super Bowl odds next year reads like a who's who of the best teams in the NFL: Green Bay Packers (6:1), New England Patriots (7:1), San Francisco 49ers (7:1) and New Orleans Saints (8:1).

This is going to make Broncos fans over at Mile High Report smile.