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With Peyton Manning, Broncos Free Agent Recruiting Efforts Begin

Shortly after the Indianapolis Colts officially released Peyton Manning, it was reported that teams wanted him to make a decision quickly so that whoever he chose could begin using Manning as a recruiting tool to sign other free agents. The idea is that players would see the Broncos as a Super Bowl contender with Manning in the fold and then decide to join Denver.

Broncos RB Willie McGahee obviously realizes the importance of the Manning addition as it relates to free agency. Via McGahee on Twitter:

To all my free agents across the nfl, I think u know what time it is. It's about to go down..

Jeff Saturday is a name you'll see pop up. He was Manning's center in Indianapolis and it's been rumored that whoever signs Manning could show interest in Saturday. Manning and Reggie Wayne were supposedly a "package deal" at one point in time but Wayne returned to Indy so who knows how many, if any, of Manning's former Colts teammates will be headed to Denver.

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