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Peyton Manning Contract Details: Broncos Will Pay $18 Million In 2012

The Denver Broncos locked up Peyton Manning with a five-year, $96 million deal and officially made him their next quarterback. The deal for Manning looks massive, especially considering that he's had four different procedures done on his neck and is coming off missing the entire season in 2011. The big question now with Manning's contract is how it's structured. Luckily we have Andrew Brandt, the NFL Business Analyst of ESPN, to break down the contract.

The first year of Manning's deal with the Broncos will pay the quarterback $18 million without injury protection for the Denver Broncos, according to Brandt. The Broncos will then pay Manning $40 million guaranteed for the next two seasons, pending Manning passing a physical in March of 2013. The final two seasons of Manning's deal will pay out $19 million each season.

As it stands right now, Manning's deal is essentially a one-year deal for $18 million guaranteed, but if he's fully healthy in March of 2013, it will jump to a total of $58 million guaranteed for the first three years.

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