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Peyton Manning's QB Coach: 'He's In Great Shape'

The Denver Broncos were the lucky team that ended up landing free agent superstar Peyton Manning, but there is still no guarantee that the quarterback will be able to play at the elite level he displayed prior to a neck injury that kept him sidelined for the entire 2011 season. Manning's former QB coach has gone on the record as saying that Manning will be as good as ever in the fall.

Lindsay H. Jones of the Denver Post reports that David Cutcliffe, who was Manning's coach at Tennessee, observed the quarterback's workouts at Duke University. Cutcliffe is confident that Manning will be just as good as ever.

"He can make all the throws, his release times are perfect, and we pay a lot of attention to that. It's arm speed and getting rid of it. His velocity is good. It's just a matter of, like any other NFL football player, you've got to feel good," Cutcliffe said. "He's in great shape. Not good shape, great shape, and that's part of what we did here as well."

Cutcliffe stated that Manning could play a game now, if necessary. Fans will have to wait a while longer to see for themselves, but Cutcliffe's comments may go a ways to putting them at ease.

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