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Vincent Jackson Likely To Avoid Franchise Tag, According To Report

As the franchise tags come rolling down on Monday, one player who looks unlikely to be hit by one is San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson.The Chargers used the tag on Jackson last season, but appear unlikely to do so again, according to a report by Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

No one among the Chargers' decision makers believes placing the tag on the Pro Bowl wide receiver is a sound decision or that it will happen. The possibility was estimated by multiple sources last week at less than 1 percent.

There was a belief last week that the Chargers brass could go by general manager A.J. Smith and place the franchise tag on Jackson, but that seems unlikely now. Jackson is expected to be the top wide receiver free agent on the open market, so he should get a nice deal from one of the teams bidding for his services.

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