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Randy Moss 'Lit It Up' At Saints Workout

The New Orleans Saints hosted free agent Randy Moss for a workout on Tuesday and according to a report from Jay Glazer of, things went very well. Moss "lit it up", according to those in attendance, and he looked like the "old Randy".

Moss took to UStream last month to announce he was returning to the NFL after retiring before the 2011 season. He also said he's in shape and can still run a 4.3 40-yard dash. By Glazer's account, he may have done just that.

Moss would be a good fit with the Saints, as would a lot of receivers. Drew Brees set the single-season passing yards last season and Moss could add to that if he really is in the shape he and others say he is.

Moss reportedly has a couple of visits lined up but the teams aren't known.

For more, check out SB Nation's latest YouTube video talking about Moss.

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