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Free Agent Peyton Manning Has 12 Teams Calling About Him, According To Report

The interest in Peyton Manning is, as expected, very high. According to a report from ESPN, 12 teams have already contacted Manning's reps. He officially became a free agent shortly after 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday, which means nearly half the league has contacted him within 24 hours. Impressive.

There are a number of reports of teams reaching out to Manning's camp gauging his interest in playing for them. Those teams include the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks, both of whom reportedly reached out to Manning's camp. The NY Daily News has reported the New York Jets reached out as well and the Denver Post reports the Denver Broncos will talk with Manning's camp, even if they're more likely to stick with Tim Tebow.

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Other teams, like the Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins, are heavily rumored to be pursuing Manning as well.

After the Wednesday press conference in Indianapolis, Manning flew home to Miami (which made everyone go crazy). His visit schedule is unknown at this point.

Check out SB Nation's latest at YouTube, '4 On The Floor', where they're talking about Manning's future.