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Peyton Manning Free Agency Rumors Heat Up In Denver

Do the Denver Broncos have legitimate interest in free agent Peyton Manning? They have Tim Tebow under contract after he took them to the playoffs last season but multiple reports are now connecting the Broncos to Manning.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the Broncos are a more realistic option for Manning than people realize. He reports the Broncos have, indeed, reached out to Manning's camp. Locally, Vic Lombardi of the Denver CBS affiliate reports that the Broncos are "serious players" in the hunt for Manning.

SB Nation recently released a YouTube video on Manning's next home and our Colts blogger, Brad Wells, predicted the Broncos would be the choice. Looks like that could be coming to fruition.

This brings up a few questions, starting with what the Broncos would do with Tebow. Trade him? Bench him? We don't know any of that. The Broncos haven't been shy about saying they'll be looking for quarterback competition this offseason. We always assumed the end result of that competition would be Tebow remaining the starter.

Maybe not. Maybe the Broncos are actually serious about Manning. They've joined the list of a half dozen or so teams that are considered potential Manning destinations.

For more, visit SB Nation's Broncos blog, Mile High Report, where they're wondering if Denver is the dark horse candidate for Manning.