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Here's Why Peyton Manning Might Prefer To Play In A Dome

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Throughout the Peyton Manning free agent process we've been seeing people say Manning would prefer to play in a dome or a city with nice weather. Why? The simple answer is that the better the weather, the better Manning plays, at least according to stats provided by the Elias Sports Bureau.

ESPN New York dug up this nugget from Elias while talking Manning:

His winning percentage outdoors is .649, but it drops each month, according to the Elias Sports Bureau -- .700 in September, .680 in October, .655 in November and .565 in December/January (13-10, including 0-3 in January). And now he has a neck issue to consider.

Manning played in a dome while with the Colts. The weather part may just be a preference and not a dealbreaker, sorta like him preferring to play in the AFC over the NFC. But it's obvious why he wants to be in a dome or a city with nice weather -- he plays much better in that weather.

Check out the full story at ESPN.

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