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Broncos 'Desperately' Want Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning has been a free agent for about two days now and we've seen at least 12 teams connected to him. Most of them are obvious but one of them is a bit of a surprise -- Denver Broncos. A lot of reports are including Denver as a possible destination and Peter King of reports the Broncos "desperately" want to land Manning.

Reports out of Denver aren't so promising. Woody Paige wrote this week that Manning would not be coming to the Broncos.

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A lot of teams are desperate but Denver does make some sense. John Elway, current Broncos exec, won two Super Bowls at age 37 and 38. Manning will be 36 when the 2012 season starts so he may want to be around someone who's done what he's trying to do at his age.

The question with the Broncos is what you do with Tim Tebow. Is he traded? Benched? We're not really sure what happens with that but it's obvious the Broncos have been slow to buy into Tebow.

I also have to give a tip of the hat to SB Nation's Brad Wells, who predicted early on that Denver would land Manning. Turns out that may not be too far off. Check out that video here.