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Cardinals Chances At Peyton Manning Pegged At 50-50

The Arizona Cardinals are one of a handful of teams believed to be in the race for free agent Peyton Manning. We're still early in the process -- Manning has been a free agent for about 48 hours -- but it sounds like the Cards have as good of a shot as anyone to land Manning.

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic joined ESPN's Mike and Mike to talk about Manning's next destination and Somers pegs the Cards chances at 50-50 right now.

"I don't expect it, but I think the chances are about 50-50. The Cardinals have as much going for them in the competition as any of the cities you mentioned. They've got a coach who has proven he can adapt an offense to fit a veteran quarterback. They have an elite receiver, an up-and-coming young defense. They are going to play maybe 11, 13 dome games next year. Who knows? The one guy we haven't heard from in all this is Peyton and what is important to him. The rest of us are just speculating. But since we're speculating, I think the Cardinals should be right in it."

I think the key line there is: "The rest of us are just speculating." This is the most high-profile free agent in history so we knew the rumor mill would be out of control (and it is).

But until we hear otherwise, the Cardinals are still a possibility.

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