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London Fletcher, Redskins Close To A Deal

London Fletcher is close to re-signing with the Washington Redskins according to a person close to the negotiations, the Washington Post reports. According to the source, a deal could be completed as soon as late Friday. Neither Fletcher nor representatives opted to comment.

The soon-to-be 37-year-old linebacker led the league with a career high 166 tackles last season. He is considered one of the Redskins' prime targets this offseason despite his advanced aged (in NFL years). Head coach Mike Shanahan said at the annual league meeting last month that the team was very intent on re-signing Fletcher.

The Washington Post did not disclose the potential terms of Fletcher's deal, or what might be holding up the contract from being inked this instant. The Redskins have also signed a trio of safeties to the defense--Brandon Meriweather, Madieu Williams and Tanard Jackson--to make up for loss of another veteran, LaRon Landry.

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