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Rumors Of Drew Brees, Saints Nearing Contract Aren't True, According To Reports

For some reason rumors were flying on Wednesday and again on Thursday morning that Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints were nearing an agreement on a new contract. That sounds good but it doesn't appear to be accurate. Several other reports have shot down the rumors that the two sides are close.

A radio report in New Orleans said that a new deal could be reached by as early as Friday morning or as late as Monday. The New Orleans Times-Picayune and others disagree with that report.

It's unclear if they were reporting new details from sources or if they were just making predictions based on recent reports that the two sides aren't that far apart. Regardless, sources with knowledge of the negotiations have said there is no indication a deal is that close.

Brees has to sign a long-term contract by July 15 or he'll have to play the 2012 season under the one-year franchise tag (or not play at all). So consider July 15 as the real deadline in this negotiation and it seems unlikely we'd see a deal until sometime closer to that date.

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