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Drew Brees 'Very Confident' Saints Deal Gets Done, Despite Monday's Deadline

For some reason, Drew Brees is still "confident" about getting a long-term deal done with the New Orleans Saints, even though the two parties are still reportedly more than $10 million apart in guaranteed money with the deadline to secure a new contract coming on Monday.

Brees, speaking from the ESPY awards this week, insisted he's confident a deal gets done.

"I'm an eternal optimist, so I'm still very confident a deal will get done by Monday," Brees said.

"I think I've been around this league long enough to understand how this works at times. In a lot of cases, it does go down to the wire, and you need a stopping point in order to bring everyone together and make sure it can get done. That stopping point is Monday, so let's hope we get something done by then."

The Associated Press reported the deal will be in the neighborhood of $100 million over five years, but the sticking point is the amount of guaranteed money. Brees will make more than $16 million in 2012 under the franchise tag and over $23 million in 2013 if he's tagged again. That puts his potential two-year earnings with the franchise tag at just under $40 million, which is probably where the guaranteed money conversation is.

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