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Super Bowl 2012 Media Day: Fake Tom Brady Makes An Appearance

We noted that Super Bowl media day really isn't about the game itself. It's just as much about the "reporters" who dress up in strange outfits and try to draw attention to themselves, along with the fans who do the same thing. It's an event, not a legitimate series of press conferences.

The picture below is a good summary of what what media day is all about. I present to you the fake Tom Brady:


Reporters interviewing a guy dressed up as Tom Brady (who clearly doesn't know Brady got a haircut). Yeah. That's about the best description of media day I can give you.

We'll be live-blogging all the happenings at media day so stick around this StoryStream for updates. For more on the Giants, visit SB Nation's Big Blue View. And for the Patriots, Pats Pulpit.