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Super Bowl Commercials: Jerry Seinfeld And The Soup Nazi Together Again

Super Bowl commercials are the main reason a decent majority of people watch Sunday's big game because, even if football isn't someone's favorite sport, everyone enjoys a good laugh as the newest Next Big Thing is being advertised as players are being tackled. Regardless of that, everyone seems to enjoy getting an early look at just what to expect on Sunday.

The newest commercial to leak onto the internet -- advertising the new 2012 Acura NSX -- stars Jerry Seinfeld, the famed Soup Nazi and, toward the end, a cameo appearance by the only and only Jay Leno.

Seinfeld, playing his role from the aptly-named sitcom Seinfeld, attempts to be the first to buy the hottest new car on the market by wooing the one man in front of him with various offers ranging from the famous No Soup For You Guy (he explains he owns the rights to all Seinfeld characters) to the Last Living Munchkin to access to his personal network of Manhattan zip lines.

In the end, however, Jay Leno literally swoops in and offers the original customer a jet-packed flying squirrel suit for the right to buy the NSX. It's obviously an offer he can't refuse and Seinfeld's unfortunately left hanging.

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