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Super Bowl 2012: Julian Edelman Might Play Defense, But Bill Belichick Isn't Saying

Julian Edelman has been a sort of super-utility player for the New England Patriots in the past season. Usually handed duties as a kick and punt returner, Edelman has spent his share of plays at wide receiver and since the middle of November, has occasionally been used on defense.

In the AFC Championship Game against the Baltimore Ravens, Edelman was slotted in as a defensive back. The move at times seemed to expose Edelman as being out of his league against Anquan Boldin and other talented wideouts. There is some question as to whether Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will attempt to use Edelman in the same fashion when his team meets up with the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI. An unproven commodity against the triple-threat of Giants receivers Victor Cruz, Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks seems risky at best.

Conor Orr of the Star-Ledger reports that Belichick is remaining mum on the subject.

Julian will be ready to go on everything as he always is. Based on the game plan and how it goes, we'll see how that all turns out. He will be ready for all three phases.

Edelman was also asked to comment on the speculation about his role in the Super Bowl. For his part, Edelman is taking all of this in stride.

Coach told me that I would be in a defensive meeting that day and that's what we did. You're not going to say no to an opportunity to help the team win.

It's definitely been a roller coaster. But, with an opportunity to help the team win, you're not going to complain.

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