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Super Bowl Laboratory: Can The Patriots Win With Zoltan Mesko At Quarterback?

On Sunday, Zoltan Mesko and Lawrence Tynes will try to quarterback their teams to a championship. Oh, wait, they won't? Well, too late, because that's what Spencer Hall and Jon Bois simulated in Madden 12.

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Neither Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko nor Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes has thrown a touchdown pass in the NFL. Heading into Sunday's Super Bowl XLVI, these two are certainly their respective teams' X-factors.

So how well will they do at quarterback? Spencer Hall and I aimed to find out by simulating a game of Madden 12 accordingly. We also played the game under heavy rain and wind conditions, set each player's overall rating to zero, and cranked the "injury" slider all the way up.

Oh, and Spencer turned off every penalty he was able to turn off.

This is the least instructive simulation ever conducted in the history of sports, but the "final" score still stands as my personal prediction. Enjoy!

(Beware: there are a couple of cusses to be found within.)

Music: "Gathering Storm" by Godspeed You! Black Emperor

CORRECTION: the end of the video lists the final score as Patriots 24, Giants 21. The actual score is the reverse: Giants 24, Patriots 21. We regret that this error has marred what has otherwise been an empirically sound scientific venture.