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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Jerry Seinfeld Wants Acura, Is Petty

Jerry Seinfeld, at this point, is largely a professional meanderer. He meanders for money. I'm not knocking him, because that's a pretty great thing to be. In Acura's Super Bowl commercial, we see him coveting the new NSX:

It's wild, wacky, and mildly funny once in a while, which makes it the quintessential Super Bowl commercial. The brief alien corpse scene was pretty funny.

Back to the car, though ... and this is my thing about cars like this Acura NSX. I'm sure it's really fun to drive. And it looks really super-cool. That's the problem: no human being on Earth could drive it and live up to its coolness (besides, like, Jay-Z, who is too cool to actually drive his own vehicle to begin with).

And these days, cars aren't marketed like the tools they actually are. They're sold to appeal to one's identity. In other words, they're sold like clothing. And that car isn't so much an Armani suit as a hulking chrome exoskeleton with a jetpack. It doesn't make you cool; rather, you make it look stupid.

Everyone should just buy a 2003 Corolla.

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