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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Pepsi Resurrects 'Cheating Coke Delivery Man'

Historically, Pepsi has been a familiar presence in Super Bowl commercials. This year they've chosen to call back to a popular ad from 16 years ago. Here's video:

Indeed, this ad brings me back to a simpler time, when Regis Philbin was at the apex of his career and before I realized, "oh wait, soda is terrible for me and I should never drink it." But as a culture, it brings us all back to this 1996 Pepsi commercial:

Don't get me twisted: I am not about to argue in favor of the artistic virtues of 1990s commercials, because in retrospect, most of them are terribly annoying. But this old ad, as far as ads go, is just about perfect. Simple, effective, and likable. Now it's 2012, though, and the kids are bananas over Regis (apparently?) and energy soda. "Energy soda." It's like a tea blend. They also have "sleepytime" soda, which is every other soda.

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