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VIDEO: Super Bowl Party Tips From Top Chef Eli Kirshtein On Beer, Cheese Skin, And Hangovers

SB Nation's Spencer Hall turns to an expert to find out how to celebrate on Super Bowl Sunday, including what to drink, what to bring, what not to do and how to recover the next morning.

Top Chef's Eli Kirshtein at Atlanta's Sweetwater Brewery.
Top Chef's Eli Kirshtein at Atlanta's Sweetwater Brewery.

Super Bowl parties being the real attraction for most people on Sunday, I cornered Top Chef's Eli Kirshtein at Atlanta's own Sweetwater Brewery and asked him about the very basics of the basic Super Bowl party.

He obliged with a stream of very accurate and very quick answers to our questions.

His short list of essentials:

BEER: Drink the nice stuff first, then use your American basics as booster fuel. Do this without shame, as you should be proud of your crappy, glorious American beer.

COCKTAILS: Moscow Mules all around if you're not boring. (Boring equals sticking to vodka and tonics.)

AMATEUR HOUR: Sparkling wine like Prosecco for the amateurs is a classy and affordable option, especially if you want to ball out on a budget.

DON'T: Bring leftovers, plan on making something, or plan on bringing something and not leaving it there.

HANGOVER REMEDIES: Pedialyte for the specialist, sparkling water for hangover mouth, and a heavy breakfast for all to settle the stomach and push out the evil.

You can and should follow Eli Kirshtein on Twitter. Special thanks to Sweetwater Brewery for letting us use their bar and drink too much of their beer without supervision.