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Super Bowl 2012: Overcrowding Friday Leads To Increased Police Measures In Indianapolis

We are still over 24 hours away from the 2012 Super Bowl between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots, but already crowding has become an issue in Indianapolis. Police will restrict access to the Super Bowl Village after violence Friday led to 13 injuries, according to the Indianapolis Star. In a news release, the Department of Public Safety reported 22 arrests, mostly for public intoxication. None of the injuries were life threatening.

"The Indianapolis Department of Public Safety announced today that the events of last night were very positive,'' the news release stated. "We are very thankful for the cooperation our residents and visitors displayed.

"The Department of Public Safety is asking the public to be aware that they are going to be in a crowd tonight as the festivities continue. If you want to watch the performance and you are up against the stage, create some space for yourself.

"Be mindful if you are bringing children with you, you may not want to be right in the thick of things because that is where the densest crowd is going to be."

The Super Bowl Host Committee reported that the village drew 200,000 visitors on Friday, roughly 50,000 more than had visited the day before. Police will cut off pedestrian traffic to Georgia Street from Pennsylvania and Meridian streets once they determine that the village is at capacity.

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