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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Sasha Baron Cohen Returns As 'The Dictator'

Sasha Baron Cohen struck gold with Borat and watched his mockumentary empire crumble with the failure of Bruno. He's hoping third time is the charm as he unveils The Dictator during the Super Bowl this year.

If you're going to premiere a comedy during the Super Bowl, this is the blueprint. Open with a direct reference to the Super Bowl itself ("I know the final score."), lead with footage of the most attractive women in the film (Megan Fox), insert a topical reality TV joke that everyone's mom will get ("What do I look like, a Khardashian?") and then find the closest scene you've got in the movie to actual sports because for some reason advertisers seem to think we need to see sports in the movie while watching a sporting event (track meet).

Also, make sure you check out the official site for the film, Find out all about the Republic of Wadiya and it's most loved leader Shabazz Aladeen, but make sure you translate into English first.

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