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2012 Super Bowl Prop Bets: How Many Tackles Will Justin Tuck Get, And Other Defense Prop Bets

Pro Bowl defensive lineman Justin Tuck has been, as always, one of the loudest voices in the locker rooms building up to the big game. It seems to motivate him, drive him to do better, as well as tick off the players in the other locker room. It's safe to say every New England Patriots offensive lineman will be looking to put him on his back. So what better thing to bet on — you know, aside from the real game — than how well Tuck will put his money where his mouth is?

The over/under at is 3.5 tackles, which seems a little low. Bettors agree, and the over is going off at -125, the under is at -105. That's 3.5 total tackles, not just solo. He had 37 tackles in 11 games in the 2011 regular season, so there's really no guessing as to whether he'll record more or less, that's just about his average. Tuck and the Giants pass rush always seem to be at their best in big games, however, so choose wisely if you take this one up.

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