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2012 Super Bowl Odds: Free Props Contest Could Be Fun

The 2012 Super Bowl odds have been pored over plenty of times by the people interested in that sort of thing, meaning anything read on Super Bowl Sunday probably isn't going to make much of a difference for most people out there. For those looking for an extra bit of fun as they wait for the big game to begin, however, there's a free props contest offered by SB Nation's partner Odds Shark.

The contest is free to enter, though it does have a $3,500 prize pool that will be split between the top 46 players with the winner receiving a cool $464.64. The details don't make it seem too difficult, either.

Each participant will answer 25 questions about the game, and every correct answer is worth a set amount of points. The participant that collects the most points will win the grand prize, and the next 46 spots will be paid out $46 each.

For those going to a Super Bowl party without a rooting interest, this might be a fun little contest to get into as you attempt to keep your attention on the game.

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