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VIDEO: New England Patriots 'Super Bowl 46 Champions' Commercials Already Running In Boston

It appears as though both of the competitors in Sunday's Super Bowl XLVI are getting into the "jumping the gun" game. After some screenshots popped up of the New York Giants already celebrating their victory on their official website, it appears that the New England Patriots are responding in kind, although a bit more inadvertently.

What follows is a Dick's Sporting Goods ad already running in Boston areas, letting you know that you can pick up all of your Pats "Super Bowl Champions" gear right away.

(via @BubbaProg)

So now that everyone's jumped the gun, we have seen glimpses of stark alternate realities where both teams have won. Which timeline do you prefer? I hear that the Giants timeline has jetpacks for everyone, but that all humans have cloacas. By contrast, the Patriots timeline contains an America where our rulers have been replaced by benevolent, telepathic kittens, but Rex Ryan still exists.