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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: OK Go's Chevy Sonic Music Video

Alternative rock band OK Go has pretty much single-handedly revived the medium of the music video over the past several years. From low-budget choreographed dance, to treadmill theatrics, to stunning Rube Goldberg machines, to trained dogs, to the Muppets, they have continually set the standard for what you can accomplish in a music video.

Now the band has created yet another new video, which is also in part a commercial. The ad version will be part of the festivities on Super Bowl XLVI.

Below is OK Go's new video for their song "Needing/Getting," which was made in conjunction with Chevrolet. The video was shown in part during the Super Bowl XLVI pregame show and will presumably run again during the big game. The video/commercial features almost the entirety of the music in the song being created by a Chevy Sonic being driven by the band. As usual, it's amazing.

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