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2012 Super Bowl Coin Toss Prop Bet Result: Patriots Win Toss To End NFC Streak

Heading into Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday, the NFC was riding an unprecedented -- and highly unlikely -- streak of winning 14 consecutive Super Bowl opening coin tosses. Would the New York Giants be able to make it 15 in a row and choose to kick off or receive first against the New England Patriots?

The 2012 class of Pro Football Hall of Fame inductees was on hand to witness the coin toss. The Giants got the call for the toss and chose "tails," but the streak came to an end at 14 years when the toss came up "heads" and the New England Patriots deferred.

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As you may have guessed, the odds were even on both heads and tails coming up. The line on each result was (-105). Here's hoping that if you placed a wager, it paid off for you. Failing that, here's hoping that your rooting preference won the toss.

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