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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Budweiser's Hockey 'Flash Mob' Ad Is The Best Of The Year

Budweiser is responsible for the greatest commercial of the 2012 Super Bowl, and at the moment I can't even determine for sure whether it will air in the United States. It will, at the very least, air during the Canadian broadcast.

This is the full version of the ad, in which two rec-league hockey teams in Ontario are surprised by a flash mob of fans who flood into the arena. Take a look:

The game swiftly erupts into this big, loud affair, complete with a dancing chicken, goal sirens, and a shower of confetti at the end. And the players are SO DAMNED HAPPY about it. There's no message or joke or anything here. It's just an instance of doing something nice for people, and doing it up huge. As of this writing, I have to call this commercial the best of the year.

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