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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: Clint Eastwood Represents Chrysler, Detroit

We knew that for the second consecutive Super Bowl, we were in for a Chrysler commercial that highlighted the city of Detroit. We knew that it would probably be one of the more sober, serious ads of the night. I didn't expect to think much of this ad, but then they busted out Clint Eastwood and all my cynicism went out the window.

Clint Eastwood has no outstanding ties to the city of Detroit, but it does not matter. The man talks, and you listen. He says it's halftime in Detroit, and he ... wait, did he see the halftime show? That was not a very Detroit halftime show.

After the cameras stopped rolling, Eastwood requested four thousand metric tons of steel, a crowbar, and a T-square. He is building every car in the Chrysler plant. These cars will never break down, because they are fearful of what will happen if they do.

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