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Super Bowl Commercials 2012: NFL's 'Evolution' Player Safety Ad

The NFL kept its "Evolution" commercial, which focused on player safety, under wraps until it was aired during the Super Bowl. We were only privy to a handful of details, but said details seemed to indicate that the league would convey a rather ... not-completely-honest message. My concerns were laid out in detail here, but generally speaking, I was concerned that the League would cast the false impression that player safety was always the No. 1 priority.

It seems clear to me that it has not been. The ad does, at least, acknowledge that there is much more left to be done in the department of player safety -- in particular, of course, the prevention and mitigation of concussion-related dangers. The ad is well-produced to boot, and even incorporates a shot from the Super Bowl's opening kickoff that occurred two hours prior.

It's fine, I guess. Just don't get the impression that player safety has always come first on the NFL's list of priorities.

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