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Giants Parade: Canyon Of Heroes Route Set For Tuesday Feb. 7

As has become customary, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced that the parade celebrating the New York Giants 21-17 Super Bowl XLVI victory over the New England Patriots would be held along the Canyon of Heroes in lower Manhattan:

The section of lower Broadway located in the Financial District, the Canyon of Heroes got its name because it's become the customary location for the city to throw ticker-tape parades honoring everything from the end of World War II to the New York Yankee's latest World Series celebration in 2009.

There are more than 200 granite black strips embedded in the street's sidewalks, one for each of the celebrations that have occurred there.

And with Giants fans undoubtedly celebrating until late Sunday night throughout Manhattan, a Tuesday morning parade date sets up a four-day weekend many will never forget, as long as they can still remember it Wednesday morning.