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Some 2013 Super Bowl Odds Have Packers As Favorites

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Being as we're almost exactly one year away from Super Bowl XLVII, it probably shouldn't come as a huge shock that there's something less than universal agreement on who the favorite to win it is. That said, there does seem to be a growing consensus who it won't be: the defending champion New York Giants.

Bovada has the Giants all the way down at 15/1, behind seven other teams. Among the teams that are currently going off at lower odds are the Houston Texans (12/1), the Philadelphia Eagles (12/1) and the Baltimore Ravens (14/1). MGM Grand's book had the Giants at 8/1.

Bovada's number crunchers consider the Green Bay Packers to be the favorite at 6/1. That probably shouldn't be a huge surprise, as they finished this year's regular season with the best record. Coming in right behind them are the New England Patriots at 7/1. The New Orleans Saints are at 8/1. Based on that grouping, it would seem Bovada is a big fan of offense, or at least believes bettors are.

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