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Tom Brady's Safety Won Someone $50,000

As anyone who pays attention to sports betting can tell you, proposition bets are where many sports books make a significant amount of money. Las Vegas usually loves the idea of some poor soul putting down $1,000 on a the 50/1 odds of a safety being the first score during a Super Bowl. This year, of course, that highly unlikely scenario played out when Tom Brady threw the ball away while planted in the endzone.

At least one person placed that exact bet at the MGM Grand this year and is now $50,000 richer (via National Football Post). As counter-intuitive as it may seem, though, this is probably not particularly bad news for the casino. Sure, no one likes to come out on the wrong end of a bet like that, but that's like saying casino's get upset every time someone makes a lucky pull on a slot machine and hits the jackpot.

The reality is that whatever money the MGM Grand loses on this little bet, they may very well have made up for with the countless other props that didn't hit. Plus, you need something like this to happen every now and again to remind the betting public that these things can pay off. For the rest of us, though, it's worth remembering that Las Vegas was not built on the backs of winners.

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