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VIDEO: Giants Celebrate Super Bowl On Plane Ride Home

As cynical as we've all become about professional sports, there's something at least mildly refreshing to be reminded that athletes still really enjoy winning. As this video shows, the New York Giants can bask in unbridled joy that is not all that different from any group of amateurs who has just one their sport's biggest prize.

The guy leading the cheers is apparently Andre Brown, a running back who didn't factor into Sunday's win over the New England Patriots and really hasn't been a particularly large part of this team. Brown has spent time in five different organizations after being a fourth-round pick by the Giants in 2009.

It's safe to say this Super Bowl victory is and probably will be the pinnacle of his NFL career, so you'll have to bear with Brown as he enjoys this. It maybe shouldn't be all that surprising to see that this video has already received 14 "dislikes" on YouTube out of the first 279 votes cast. We can assume upset Patriots fans are mostly to blame for that.

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