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CSNNE Apologizes For Early Patriots Super Bowl Champions Ad

If you live in the Boston area, you might still be a little confused as to how the New York Giants are Super Bowl XLVI champions. Even though you may have watched the game, this Dick's Sporting Goods commercial told everyone in the Boston area that the New England Patriots were the world champions. Well, according to a statement from Comcast SportsNet New England, that commercial was a mistake and shouldn't have been aired before the Super Bowl.

Skip Perham, the Director of Marketing of Comcast SportsNet New England and NECN, issued this statement on behalf of the network:

"A Dick's Sporting Goods spot recognizing the New England Patriots as Super Bowl Champions ran inadvertently on Comcast SportsNet during the Celtics telecast prior to yesterday's Super Bowl. The airing of this spot was a Comcast SportsNet error and was in no way the fault of Dick's Sporting Goods. We identified the issue immediately and pulled the spot. We apologize to Dick's Sporting Goods, their customers and our viewers for this error."

I wonder if we can still pick up our Patriots championship gear?

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