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Bernie Fine Investigation: Fourth Accuser Admits Lying

One of Bernie Fine's accusers came clean and admitted that Fine never sexually abused him.

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One of former Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine's accusers admitted to lying about the allegation that the coach touched him inappropriately over 40 years ago, according to the Associated Press.

Floyd VanHooser, 56, is currently in prison and confessed in a letter that he fabricated stories in interviews with police as well as in December interviews with the Associated Press and Syracuse's Post-Standard. VanHooser admitted that he lied in order to exact revenge against Fine for not hiring a lawyer to help him fight a criminal conviction.

VanHooser is one of four men to come forward and accuse Fine of sexual abuse. Fine, however, could not be tried for two of them because the statute of limitations had expired.

Regardless, Syracuse fired Fine after 36 years when the allegations broke in late November.

The case against Fine came shortly after the Penn State scandal began as sexual abuse became a hot topic.