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George John loan deal to West Ham nearly complete

FCD center  back George John ... bound for West Ham on loan
FCD center back George John ... bound for West Ham on loan

Looks like George John is getting the best of both worlds.

The FC Dallas center back will soon be playing at Upton Park as part of West Ham. But it won’t be as part of a full transfer as previously believed. Not just yet, at any rate.

I don’t have many details, but it looks like the first step here is a loan to West Ham through the end of February. Final details are being sorted now, from what I understand.

It makes sense for West Ham, which is bidding to get back into England’s top flight after last year’s relegation. Hammers defender James Tomkins is a transfer target for several EPL clubs, so Sam Allardyce’s club could use the cover that John would provide.

Nothing is set for Tomkins, but I would still expect John to get his opportunities along the back line under Allardyce.

What’s less clear is what might happen from there. From what I understand, this is just a loan deal for now. And it’s just through February. For now. The back end is open, apparently. So John might be coming back to FC Dallas Stadium for a fourth campaign. Or he might be staying in "East, East, East" London.

More details are surely to come. For now, just watch the TV listings for your next chance to see West Ham and their newest American signee.