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Texas Tech upset of West Virginia is worth txting abt

With Geno Smith and the Mountaineers unable to find any success, there's not much to do on the Texas Tech sidelines.

We assume this gentleman is not a Texas Tech coach, but if he is, no biggie. After all, the Red Raiders have succeeded in debunking the unstoppable mystique of Dana Holgorsen's game plan while simultaneously exposing WVU's terrible defense.

TTU is up, 42-7, at the start of the fourth quarter. So if you need to hit someone up on that mobile, do your business, sir.


"wut u guys doin l8r?"

"lol i'm workin bro"

"chilln on sideline"

"lulz yea his hair sux"

"told my wife that, she thinx he's hot"

"had 2 DVR FLW outdoors for tubs"

"u guys goin 2 chilis l8r? save me a seat"

"wut?" u c me?

"lol yeah Im on sideline"

"on tv?"

"shit g2g"