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Oregon State's touchdowns are a wonderful kind of weird

In his first start, quarterback Cody Vaz pulls off the old bank-it-off-the-linebacker jump ball TD play to help Oregon State beat BYU.

Oregon State was able to hang on and beat BYU in Provo, even without their starting quarterback. You might be able to employ the ages-old sore loser mantra that the Beavers simply got lucky, thanks to this five-yard touchdown "pass" from Cody Vaz to Colby Prince that broke a 21-21 tie in the fourth quarter:


None of this is meant to discount what was one impressive day from Vaz, who finished 20-of-32 for 332 yards and 3 TDs. Less flukey but just as wonderfully "what the?" was Markus Wheaton's reverse for a touchdown, which is admirably awesome until - WHOOPS - he doesn't stick the landing in the celebration.


High-stepping is a privilege, not a right.