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Michael Jordan barbecue sauce sells for $10,000

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It's getting more and more expensive to be like Mike. A gallon of 1992 McJordan sauce apparently costs a pretty penny.

Brian A. Westerholt - Getty Images

Roman Modrowski of ESPN Chicago reports that a gallon jug of McJordan barbecue sauce recently sold for $9,995 on eBay. The jug -- which looks more like a industrial-sized tub of rancid cleaning product -- is from 1992. And someone paid just shy of 10 grand for it.

Okay, so.


The seller used to own a McDonald's in North Dakota, so I guess it makes all the sense in the world that he held onto an unopened jug of smooth, delicious Jordan sauce for the past 20 years. Maybe it was in his BBQ sauce cellar, along with a 2002 Newman's Own, a 1999 Jim Ross and an ultra-rare 1989 Stubb's. He was probably just saving it for a special occasion.

And I'm sure the buyer is probably just a Bulls fan who will break it out when the Bulls win their next NBA title. He'll spray it all over his friends and family like the world's smokiest victory champagne. Either that or he'll just pour it all over his body the second he gets it. There's really no in-between here.

Wait a minute. This guy thinks the McJordan sauce is how you become Jordan, doesn't he? He thinks if he chugs the whole bottle or gets covered in it, he'll actually turn into Mutant Jordan, a la Daredevil or Captain America. Be careful with that sauce, sir. With great BBQ comes great responsibility.