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Donald Jones gives the world his best 'Apache, Jump On It'

From high school gyms around the nation, the 'Apache' dance is ready for primetime


While nothing will beat Alphonso Smith's version of the Carlton Banks dance, a little extra Fresh Prince love is good for everyone. After scoring on a Ryan Fitzpatrick pass, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Donald Jones put his hands out, played some Sugarhill Gang in his brain and got his 'Apache' on.


Let's compare:

While I would have liked to seen more hands on hips, I like the way Jones put his own spin on it. Maybe next time his teammates will join him. A group celebration, while penalized, is more fun for everyone.

If we can get all kinds of 90's inspired things going, maybe we'll see some Blossom-inspired celebrations, the hopping slug dance from Doug or some players deciding to do the Bartman. Keep it up Donald Jones, you're okay in my book.

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